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Welcome to page 3 of my exposition:

What follows is an attempt to bring more light to these events, as partially directed by a law enforcement agency in my city. This is at least my written report, as best I can, and would like to add new information along with these other informations.

To the reader: please make sure you have read at least the index page at this site so I may further or restructure or whatever as I try to give this a time line in general as well as other details.

First was the sucker letter. 40% of 12.6 million dollars if i could have the money transportted to me and divided and help them immigrate to canada. He kept repeating that I would be the beneficiary of it all in his phone calls and messages, and that he was putting a large amount of trust in me.

And sucker telephone calls about getting into business together. Supposedly they were unhappy with the new government in nigeria. Evidence. This I have been told I must have my lawyer contact my cell phone company to get all the telephone calls originating numbers or details etc., of which there were large amounts.

Then the 'financier'. This was the other man in eastern canada who did the cheque sending. Two cheques through UPS parcel delivery people and subsequent dates corresponded to deposit of the two cheques... I have to prove that as I did not keep the envelopes from UPS I did not see any return address or any information on it so as I was cleaning my apartment a coupe of times I threw them away. So that is my own evidence that the cheques did not originate from me, but my lawyer has to get in touch with UPS and I hope like crazy those nigerians don't have painted UPS trucks with their own employees in them. (This would be a red flag in my case, as anyone can see. I just thought up a worst case scenario and that was it. what if they had painted trucks.)

So basically in 'round 1' i was caught in a whirlpool of naivety thinking this was all to set up lawyers fees to accomplish two things for 'us': rescue the 'trunks' from amsterdam, and set up counsellors lawyer fees for overseas business.

It was foolish of me, this I know, but after the funds arrived and the bank cleared them, (the first one I was inside myself freaking out they were real business people!) i took them and sent them by western union to the names and places noted on the index page of this site. I did not ask very many questions, and the man mumbled very much.

round 1: damage to myself: 47,000$$canadian.

round 2: more.

Today is July 29.2003. I telephoned a financial crimes unit and asked for help because my lawyer was not getting back to me until my prelimary hearing, so he told me to write out some details of which I hope these pages will satisfy his curiosity or legal requirements.

So the round 1 was noted, if only briefly I hope with enough detail.

Now for round 2.

arrest details: occured on Friday July 25.2003. The arrest occured in the bank I had just only recently opened an account within, thinking they were a big powerful bank with global abilities in stock trading and things like that. It occured at approx. 3:15pm. The officer told me my rights, I kept babbling anyways because I'm not afraid to be quiet when I didn't do it.(did that make sense? I'm sorry.)(I say babbling because I was scared to death this all of a sudden was the biggest thing to hit me since schizophrenia in 1989) I think he was trying to make sure I understood the severity of the case, which by his 'way' I began to fear like never before... he put me in handcuffs and i sat waiting and I believe I was cooperating the whole way, he said "I think YOU did it" at one point, I was enraged and defensive because he was calling me a liar and a criminal and I am not either, I love my country it has helped me so much I hated that guy saying that and he said why so defensive etc. and then appeared to try to catch me in my words but just kept me sitting there waiting i said i wanted a lawyer the first time and he kept sitting there blasting questions at me he did not allow me to be silent in a bullying way.

So he said we are going to take you downtown and process you and detain you, the charges he said were two counts of fraud over $5000.00 and two counts of uttering forgery. how can you utter forgery is beyond me i thought the word utter meant vocally done in my brain but I didn't tell him that I just assumed he meant I am charged with making the cheques on top of taking the money or whatever.

But anyways. So today I write this statement, there are other evidences, and next I will tell you round 3

round 3:

This morning, I get a telephone call at around 9:30am. It is the main guy's new 'financier', and he tells me to phone him right back to a number in Ontario, Canada. So I phoned the financial crimes unit here in my city and said please notify the OPP this person is directly related to the nigerian fraud scams, and this is fresh information this morning about half an hour or so ago, ask them to watch him PLEASE I think if they catch this person it might help my case moreso.

I don't know what else to do reporting that guy. All I know is that it is a fatal game I am playing now, trying to gather info from these bastards (excuse me) and give it to the global people of law enforcement so they can track them.

His name is supposedly Mark Edison, his telephone number is in canada 514-803-7512

I am waiting for my lawyer to get in touch with me as this dangerous game goes on, and I hope to work with local authorities somehow on this, but it seems that I am all alone. So almost every single day I try to do something organizational to gather things for my lawyer and police and authorities etc.

This Mark Edison is supposedly (probably I already fell for the first two a friend of mine says hey he trusts you he's getting lazy left a phone number) to send me an amount of money determined by the main guy. I am to confirm emails and all this financial stuff will make the main guy mad when I give everything to my lawyer and police I fear he will act revengefully here in vancouver very much so I write these things to say S.O.S. !!!!!

round 4:

Last night, or late afternoon i should say, a man telephoned me asking me questions about previous transactions with 'mr. mustapha' and did they go alright. I said yes, reasoning that I am playing along to see if I can gather some very powerful evidence against them, which I hope could lead to shutting down some part of their organized crime epidemic. So he was asking repeatedly, I kept repeating fine, fine, and then he asked me how much mr. mustapha needed. I said I don't really know, he would have to get in touch with mr. mustapha.

then this morning at 2:30am mr. mustapha calls: have I heard from mr. Buki his first 'financier' or anything else, I said no and I'm very tired its very late here...even though he knows that.

then he phoned me again, same questions, about did I hear from Buki, any other financiers, i told him of the two that called and asked many questions I said why all the questions? and he said he didn't know, but he was having trouble getting a financier for the supposed second part of this 'transaction'.

So I don't know if I'm acting criminally by trying to lure hard evidence out of them, if I am then sign my guestbook and detail why please...